In the Field, On the Field

Some call it fortitude. Others call it grit. It’s a commitment to teamwork and constant improvement that inspires amazing performances in athletics, generates meaningful collaborations among researchers, and energizes alumni and fans the world over.

In labs, classrooms, and studios—on fields, courts, and tracks—our uniquely Oregon spirit challenges us to push harder, take risks, pursue greatness, and win the day every day.

Bo Nix and Naya Arora

Rhodes tested and quality approved

Different paths yield two of the highest academic honors for a pair of outstanding students in their respective areas. Senior Nayantara Arora was named the UO’s first Rhodes Scholar since 2007. Quarterback Bo Nix becomes the second Duck to win the Campbell Trophy in five years. In every endeavor, the University of Oregon prepares champions.

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female running on a treadmill

Science of Human Performance

Scientists at the Bowerman Sports Science Center conduct groundbreaking research on the mechanics of the human body and how it reacts to stress. Along the way, they work with athletes to help them achieve their performance goals while avoiding injury.

Inside the Bowerman Sports Science Center

female soccer player kicking a ball

Pitch-Perfect Footwear for Female Athletes

The Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance at Oregon fast-tracks scientific discoveries into new treatments, technologies, and training protocols. One challenge has been to limit ACL tears that disproportionately affect female soccer players by using biomechanics to redesign soccer cleats.

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Naturedose watch on a wrist

Just App Naturally

Researchers develop an app to measure types of outdoor and physical activity among teens. Data from the new tech demonstrates the positive connection between nature and its effects on their physical and mental well-being.

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